Welcome to

West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy

Welcome to West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy

Are you looking to gain a lifelong skill that will help you become financially independent?

Do you love doing your own nails and makeup and thinking about making a career out of it?

Whether you are looking to earn a little extra income or want to make a career out of making other women feel fabulous, the West Midlands Nail & Beauty Academy can help make that happen.

All our courses are led by an award winning trainer who has over seventeen years in the industry. They are short, intensive and delivered in small class sizes to ensure you start earning from your newly acquired skills faster. We believe in one to one tuition and our small class sizes ensure you receive adequate attention from your tutor.

We are always adding to the courses on offer. Right now you can choose from the following categories:

  • Beauty courses

  • Nail extension courses

  • Nail art courses

  • NVQ Courses

 Get in touch today for more information on enrolling on any one of the accredited courses above. Certificates are provided on completion of all accredited training, together with the ability to obtain insurance. This means you can start your own nail or beauty business and start making money soon after completing your training.